Grundo's Cafe - Rules

You must review the following rules to know what you can and cannot do on Grundo's Cafe. By using this site, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

In short, please...



-- Don't Be A Jerk ↓ --

Remember the human! We're all here for the same reason - to have some fun. We do not tolerate insulting, bullying, or otherwise nasty behavior. Keep tense subject matters (religion, politics, current events, etc.) off-site.

If you disagree with another user's play-style, what others do with their pets, etc., please refrain from venting about it in public channels - also keep it off-site.

-- Keep it Reasonable ↓ --

Grundo's Cafe allows for a lot of personalization, whether it be pet names, neo-fonts, signatures, or HTML customization!

Due to the can of worms it presents, we do not allow slurs - even reclaimed ones - in any of these personalization features. Similarly, we strongly discourage gray-area adult content pet/usernames as we reserve the right to rename a pet or account with which other users or we take issue.

Pet image overlays are allowed on Pet Lookups as long as they aren't maliciously misleading. Please note, however, that pet image overlays are not allowed on Userlookups.

Userlookups must have your stats show accurate and readable for all users on the site.

Only use custom content (CSS, HTML, art) that you own or have permission to use, and give credit when customizing with assets and code that are not your own. We reserve the right to clear code and assets that are used without permission and do not have credit given to the original creator(s).

-- No Cheating ↓ --

Quality-of-life user scripts are not just tolerated but encouraged! However, programs or hacks such as auto-buyers, score-senders, auto-refreshers, etc., aren't acceptable. If you think the user script helps you gain an unfair advantage on a competitive part of the site, it probably isn't kosher. The one-to-one input rule is a good rule of thumb for whether a user script is okay. If a script is automating clicks (one input -> multiple outputs) on a competitive site area, it isn't okay, and we will freeze you when we catch you using it.

If you are uncertain about an edge case, don't hesitate to ask! We will be punitive as we catch cheaters (flagrant cheaters will not get a warning before being frozen). Still, we will also be reasonable if the situation involves an edge case.

Examples of what is and isn't okay (with some edge cases):

  • OKAY: A user script that moves or changes the size of buttons on Dice-A-Roo to make it more user-friendly. Inputs are still 1-to-1.
  • OKAY: A user script that auto-fills a Wishing Well wish and donation. Inputs aren't 1-to-1, but this part of the site isn't sufficiently competitive for it to be an issue.
  • OKAY: A user script that adds SW/SDB for items as they appear on various parts of the site. Inputs are still 1-to-1.
  • BAD: A user script that auto-fills user shop prices for you. That is not okay, as user shop repricing tends to be highly competitive.
  • BAD: A user script that highlights words or expressions on pages. Inputs are still 1-to-1, but not okay as this provides an unfair advantage in competitive parts of the site.
  • BAD: An auto-refresher: Inputs are not 1-to-1. Provides the user with an unfair advantage.

-- Bug Bounty ↓ --

As with any website, users sometimes find unanticipated bugs before the dev team finds them. We will hate to roll back the site if an abused bug wreaks havoc on the economy. To hopefully prevent this from happening, we sweeten the incentive to report these types of bugs with a bug bounty. Please report any bugs to site admins or moderators via the on-site report form or Discord. This bounty covers bugs that will impact the economy (item duplication, np generation, pet exploits, etc.) and range from 100k to 1m+, depending on the severity.

-- One Account Per Person ↓ --

With a mix of ways to earn more pet slots, we hope to render side accounts unnecessary. With that in mind, please limit yourself to creating one account.

We acknowledge that multiple individuals from the same household may play Grundo's Cafe on the same device. We welcome this!

If multiple members of your household play Grundo's Cafe, however, please be mindful of some ground rules to ensure you are not banned for multi-accounting:

  • Do not log in to your friends, family, or acquaintances' accounts on their behalf. The only exception to this is for individuals who may need technical assistance logging in. For example, children and individuals with disabilities.
  • If you do fall under an exception for the rule above, never send items, pets, or any currency to another account on behalf of others.
  • Please have every household member use their own device when playing Grundo's Cafe as much as possible.
  • Players are permitted to give items, pets, and currency to other household members who also play the game. However, we remind players that this behavior can create an unfair advantage in the game and may flag accounts for multi-accounting behavior. While occasional gifts are encouraged, players should reach their achievements through their own efforts as much as possible to ensure a level playing field for all.

-- Trading Post Rules ↓ --

The Trading Post is one of the primary ways to exchange goods with fellow players on Grundo's Cafe. To ensure the Trading Post remains fair and friendly for everyone, please ensure your trades follow site rules.

All trades must be for Neopoints, on-site items, or art commissions. Trading for Neopets, referral codes, or IRL currency is not allowed.

The Trading Post is not meant for posting wishlists or storing items. If you put items on the Trading Post, the expectation is that you are actively attempting to sell/trade your items. Lots found in violation of this rule will be removed.

As with all site areas, please keep your Trading Post wishlist messages site-appropriate. Callouts and vulgarity are not allowed and will result in the lot being removed.

The Grundo's Cafe Team reserves the right to modify, add or remove rules at any time, with or without prior notice. Players are responsible for staying up-to-date with site rules.